stroke | 2004-6 | video | photography


single channel hd video composite
trt: 7:15 loop
edition 3 + 1 ap

ultrachrome prints
edition 3 + 1 ap

The still photographic and video works share the same title and original performance. A model is set adrift in a fishing dory with only an indoor rowing machine and instructed to row to exhaustion. This was then repeated with five different models. Pairings were created and the two images were montaged into a single piece. The series obviously functions somewhat as an adolescent joke about masturbation, but this humorous aspect is intended to segue into a meditation on simulation and varieties of experience. In essence, the photographs are images of exertion and athleticism (another continued interest of mine), but they create a photographic reality that never truly existed in a real performative moment.


video documentation

video documentation with commentary by grant wahlquist

photographic works

installation images