cliff jump | 2010 | photography


26.5 x 40"
Ultrachrome Prints
Edition: 3 + 1 AP

This series of untitled images continues an exploration of re-staging and contextualization as well as the presentation of the body found in an earlier series, Palimpsest. I initially photographed my subjects jumping from cliffs off the midcoast of Maine. The original images of the jumps were brought into the studio, where I had the models attempt to recreate the position of their bodies in the original images as nearly as possible, and kept the framing of the image as near as possible to the framing of the original images. These photographs are the final result of this process. They are both a meditation on the distinction between the spontaneous and the staged, as well as upon the different meanings attendant to presentations of the body in various contexts. They also involve my interest in spontaneous v. iterative performance.