hazing | 2006 | video | photography


two channel, two sided video installation
gabe and luc: trt: 41:50
greg and loren: trt 45:07
edition 3 + 1 ap

ultrachrome prints-dyptics
edition 3 + 1 ap


Hazing is an exercise in optic humiliation. The piece was shot with two pairs of models, all close friends. One model was tied up in between two video cameras. His good friend then covered his back with images and words that tended towards the private and embarrassing. Each new piece of writing was documented by the friend with an inexpensive digital camera. After each model had been subjected to this ritual, a fashion photographer documented the results in black and white film. In my attempt to remove myself as much as possible from the actual act of photographing the models, the camera's need to display and potential for desubjectification becomes paradoxically greater.


gabe and luc video

greg and loren video

photographic dyptics